gianni mangia una mela

A free meaningless videogame


Playing gianni mangia una mela is very simple: press the fruit to eat a bite.
When you finish eating a fruit, a new one will appear and the counter in the top left will increase by 1.

To change character, press on the character you're currently using, then press on the character you want to use.

If the character you're using isn't gianni, you may not change fruit (you're stuck on the apple).
Press on the item next to the character to start their action. Once finished, a green check will appear.

By pressing on the fruit in the top left, you can change it.
By pressing on the gianniCoin in the top left you can access the gianniShop.


In the same order in which they appear in the game


You can access the settings by pressing on the cog in the top right.